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Jun. 11th, 2012

HaaH // Wanted Opposite

2 Geeks update


There's not really much to say. I'm depressed sometimes and sometimes I'm okay. Let's just say that right now I have the emotional equivalent of whiplash.

May. 29th, 2012

QoW // Can't Sleep

2 Geeks update

Short update on 2 Geeks about where we're at with the house.

In a stressful place, just like the last two months. That's where we're at. But there's more details on the blog and less stress.

May. 24th, 2012

C&H // WTF

2 Geeks update

This post, I offer up some ideas on how to deal with a low appraisal. I also share some general knowledge about appraisals and the weird idiosyncrasies that they have, such as their focus on making you fix the dumbest things as well as the fact that, yes, they do get to know how much money you offered for the house (and, yes, I agree that that sounds stupid if you want a true appraisal).

So, what's up with you guys? Anyone planning on doing any cool and fun for Memorial Day?

May. 23rd, 2012

CM // Mama Will Fix

2 Geeks update

Two 2 Geeks update. One was done a while ago but I forgot to post. The other I just did tonight.

The first one is some tips to dealing with a bad home inspection.

The second one is a few ideas on how get the money and/or the stuff fixed that you're asking for.

Now, I'm off to bed. To not sleep. Because I'm too stressed. >.<

(In case you couldn't tell, the home buying process is not going as smoothly as we could have wished.)

May. 10th, 2012

SM // Girl in Revolution

2 Geeks update

Seriously, guys, this is the only thing that is keeping me anywhere near sane.

Updated 2 Geeks, 1 Old House with some factoids and some really funny and ironic ads about lead paint. (Seriously, coloring books for children about how awesome your lead paint is? ...Really?)

PS: I changed the layout of the blog. Do you hate it?

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