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2 Geeks update

This post, I offer up some ideas on how to deal with a low appraisal. I also share some general knowledge about appraisals and the weird idiosyncrasies that they have, such as their focus on making you fix the dumbest things as well as the fact that, yes, they do get to know how much money you offered for the house (and, yes, I agree that that sounds stupid if you want a true appraisal).

So, what's up with you guys? Anyone planning on doing any cool and fun for Memorial Day?
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2 Geeks update

Two 2 Geeks update. One was done a while ago but I forgot to post. The other I just did tonight.

The first one is some tips to dealing with a bad home inspection.

The second one is a few ideas on how get the money and/or the stuff fixed that you're asking for.

Now, I'm off to bed. To not sleep. Because I'm too stressed. >.<

(In case you couldn't tell, the home buying process is not going as smoothly as we could have wished.)
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2 Geeks update

Seriously, guys, this is the only thing that is keeping me anywhere near sane.

Updated 2 Geeks, 1 Old House with some factoids and some really funny and ironic ads about lead paint. (Seriously, coloring books for children about how awesome your lead paint is? ...Really?)

PS: I changed the layout of the blog. Do you hate it?
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2 Geeks update

2 Geeks, 1 Old House has been updated with all the information that you never wanted to know, or even cared about, regarding why an appraisal is different than an inspection. (A concept that took me a while to grasp and that my Mom is still having difficulty with; thus, the big long post.)

Seriously, I have too much time on my hands and spend way too much time googling.

For those of you who have owned a home before: any extra insights that I missed or even misunderstood or things that you wished someone had pointed out to you, let me know!
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Movie Review: Grave Encounters (2011)

"Found" footage in movies has become a cliché and this is especially true when it comes to horror movies, neither of which are known for being original or being well-done. Grave Encounters is not particularly original but it is done very well.

Overall, the story is nothing special. It follows a tv show called...wait for it..."Grave Encounters". "Grave Encounters" is one of those paranormal documentary shows that travels around and films creepy areas attempting to find ghostly activity. The crew goes to film their sixth episode at an abandoned insane asylum where they start out doing all the things you're used to or, if you haven't seen any, that you would expect to see on a show about paranormal investigation: walking around dark corridors, peering into small and empty cells, attempting to contact the spirits, etc. You also get a peek at the behind-cameras action, where the host and his cameramen are revealed to be, at the best, skeptics and, at worst, charlatans (the host hands the groundskeeper $20 to say that he saw a ghost).

However, what makes this movie worth a watch is the fact that the Vicious Brothers (writers and directors) are accomplished enough to take these stereotypes and make them enjoyable again. The characters are well-acted and each has their own particular way of dealing with what is happening to them, a nice touch when so many characters tend to turn into the same screaming mess when something scary happens. I particularly enjoyed Ashleigh Gryzko's acting; she played the only girl on the team and the sounds of her sobs and hitching breaths, right off camera as the group walks down a long, dark hallway, added an extra element to the movie. They also aren't your typical horror movie idiots; they generally (although not always) make fairly good choices in their attempts to escape which makes them far less annoying than the usual character types in these movies. Speaking of annoying, they also spend far less time yelling and arguing than a lot of other groups that show up in these types of movies. There is some, of course, but to not have any would have been completely unrealistic; people's emotions rise in stressful situations and, thus, usually create fights. The pace was well-done; it starts off nice and slow, before quickly moving into desperation but it never feels rushed. Grave Encounters is creepier than most horror movies are these days, mockumentary or not. There were a couple scenes that actually made me jump and a few that made me a shiver (and I do not scare easily).

That's not to say that it's perfect. The beginning and the ending were particularly disappointing. The movie starts with an intro of the producer of "Grave Encounters" stating that they had found this footage and that it was unedited. Frankly, I don't understand this need to introduce the footage; just start the movie and let it go! It would have added an extra element, I think, to have us guessing whether or not any of the characters would survive. (I mean, they never do in these sorts of horror movies, but it would have been nice to have at least been a little unsure.) The ending also felt a little tacked on; for some reason they felt that they needed to add a specific element to the story in the last three minutes of the movie, an element that was completely unnecessary and felt terribly out of place. However, these two negatives aren't anywhere near enough to ruin a movie that is this well made.

Conclsion: Definitely recommended. Probably one of the best horror movies that I've seen in quite a while.
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Recently, someone that I friended quite a long time ago and then forgot about, as they never posted (we became "friends" through a sailormoonfans friending meme), posted something very cruel and hurtful on one of the my previous posts.

As such, I'm going through an friend cut. If we have talked or chatted at all within the past few months, don't worry, you'll still be friended. If for some reason I do accidently unfriend you and we've definitely talked recently, I hope that you'll accept my sincerest apologies and understand that right now I'm a little frazzled; all you have to do is comment or send a message and I'll add you right back.

If we haven't talked in a long while and I unfriend you and you still want to be friends, please let me know and I'll add you back.

Thanks to everyone for being so understanding.

<3 Marie
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Dry Ice

I dreamt
and then I awoke
shivering, silent
to memories of you;
slivers of time
and thought,
frozen forever in
the dry ice of disbelief.
Wrapped coccoon-like
in the smokey mist
my tears have created,
I daren't even try
to move my emotions
off to the side
because it always burns,
deep and soul-rending.

Created: ???
Last edited: 23 Aug. 2011

Notes: Don't know when or where this came from.
SM // Animal Lover


Of course I'm me but after that
Nobody knows that I'm a cat.

My kitten does and says, Purr purr,
And I say, Purr purr purr, to her.

And when she stretches I do too.
Then I say, Meow, and she says, Mew.

Nobody knows I am a hill
Sitting and listening, very still,

To grass and thistles and rustling seeds
Or crickets chirping under weeds.

Nobody knows when I sway and sway
I'm being a tree on a windy day.

And when there's nothing better to do
I'm a fat old cow that says, Moo.

Or else I do what any bee does,
I fly to a flower and say, Buzz.

And sometimes in summer whenver I wish
I'm a waterbug in our pool, or a fish,

Or an all hunched up and grumpy frog
Sitting and grunting on a log.

But best is when the swallows fly
With a chirp and a twitter across the sky.

I am a swallow as swift as they,
And up I go and swoop away.

And, oh, what fun it is to see
Down in our garden, myself watching me!

Mummy calls me her precious lamb
So I return to who I am,

And I am glad, 'cause who would hug
A frog or bee or waterbug?

Created: ~1995
Last edited: 9 Nov. 2011

Notes: I'm guessing that I wrote this around 9-years-old and thus am really proud of it. I did do a bit of touching up, but as you see it is basically as I wrote it. The only line I really changed is the third to last line; it was originally: "But never the other things I am" which didn't seem to make much sense to older me (I'm sure younger me thought she was being terribly smart). I don't particularly like the new line, but I kept it 'cause I like it better than the original line.